Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 year

Photobucket   Just what is Bourbon? Bourbon IS the original American spirit. I enjoy all spirits of all ranges, and I mean ALL, with bourbon of course being one. As I slowly surely begin my never-ending journey through flavor, I’d be remiss to skip over bourbon. As with all things tastefully worthwhile, I’m not talking about the lowest of the low, the cheapest of the cheap, but I am talking about what constitutes GOOD bourbon. Varieties may and can vary because she is the spice of life. Price isn’t really relevant when quality matters but it would also be irresponsible of me and any curious imbiber of life to not take it into some consideration. Love. Love should always be first. All else will follow.
Speaking of love, Eagle Rare hails from Kentucky (duh) and though she has exchanged ownership, today Eagle Rare 10 year single barrel never fails to win awards and accolades as it woes bourbon aficionados and newbies alike. Unique in that all Eagle Rare 10 year single barrel is just that, a 10 year bourbon whose bottled worth came from one freshly toasted single-use American oak barrel and one freshly toasted single-use American oak barrel only. Period. As such there may be a smidge of variation from barrel to barrel, but all is in good flavor intentions.

Color: copper. Polished pennies. Burnished garnet. Deep clarity with regal richness.

Nose: orange oils and rind. Oiled leather and saddles. Toast and toasted coconut. Lemongrass. Apple musk. Essence of the ranch. Burnt sugars.

Body: swirls thick, coating sides of glass with thick rivulets. Oily and mouth-coating. Lips sticky with honeycomb and orange oils. Dry spicy woody top of tongue. Full and rich.

Palate: quite rich. Solid hit of heat in the back with spice, orange flambé, and coconut lingering in the breath. Toasted. Orange honey lips. Grabs back of throat after each quaff. Sultry and seductive – brings you in for a sticky sweet kiss than POW! Cracked peppercorn with a dried chili pepper bite. Leather and saddle mingles with the orange oils. Toffee comes out to play long after. Dried mango.

Finish: long and sticky with lips tingling. Breath dry, spiced, and woody. Leathery then back into the oils. Chest glows.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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