Friday, April 29, 2011

Glenmorangie 10 year

Photobucket   How long spirits and/or alcohol of sorts have been produced in the Tain region of Scotland is up for debate and since time machines are out of the picture, shall remain so. And why not. The mystery and mystique of time is what makes it so mysterious and mystical; the allure of the unknown. What is known is that since about the mid 1980s the Glenmorangie malt has been the best selling malt in Scotland. Translation: the Scots drink a lot of scotch and Glenmorangie reigns numero uno. But sales aren’t everything. Is it just hype? Hyperbole? Flight of fancy?
I trust Scotland and her people to know good scotch and in that, Glenmorangie is no exception. A few unique factors go into her spirit of singularity which makes this journey into flavordom most unique. For one, Glenmorangie utilizes the tallest stills in Scotland, measuring in at an impressive 26 feet and 3 inches. Looking at my own bottle, I note the prideful inscription of “Perfected by the sixteen men of Tain”. Dad instilled in me at a young age to do what one does once and to do it well, otherwise where is the pride and where is the accomplishment, no matter how small or large the task. He also taught me to love what you do and if you don’t, then do something about it and do it once, do it well, and don’t look back. In the cellars of Glenmorangie, sixteen men are tasked with the sacred duty of nurturing, nourishing, and celebrating the fruits of their labors.
And celebrate the fruit of their labors I shall. To not judge prematurely. To be open and free in impression and inspiration. To savor what is as what should be. In all these regards and more, I live and tell.

Color: light clear straw. Honey and sunshine.

Nose: gentle and supple. Straw and biscuits. Honeycomb. Baled hay. Sunflower. Essence of orange. Orchard must. Golden fields.

Body: swirls with a nice oily layer. Smooth and silky, oily and creamy. Sticky and supporting a nice weight.

Palate: honey, straw, and hay. Honeycomb all over lips which tingle long after each quaff. Sunflowers amidst a pervasive essence of golden fields ready for the harvest. Oily and creamy. Coconut husk and natural coconut water. Orange oils. Grassy. Spice in the back.

Finish: tingly lips. Heat and spice in breath lingers impressively. Lemon skin. Honeycomb. Dry along the sides and sticky everywhere else.

I mistakenly went into this single-malt not expecting to be all that impressed, but now I can see why she is the biggest selling malt within her home country. Greater depth, clarity, weight, complexity, and character than the other bar standards, at least bar standards here in the states. I may not have understood or appreciated what Dad was teaching me when I was younger, but now it all makes sense. And to all who have and continue to broaden my view of the world near and far, large and small, thank you. The Glenmorangie 10 year is young and playful yet also wise beyond my years, a character which shown clear and true.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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