Friday, November 19, 2010

Bowmore Darkest *Sherry Casked*

Photobucket  What I have before me today is an older bottling of Darkest from Bowmore of the island of Islay, Scotland. Judging by their website, the newer expressions of Darkest are 15 years. My bottle doesn't have an age statement per say so some further research will reveal whether her unspoken age is 15...or not. I originally purchased the bottle from my previous place of work, Great Spirits, where for three years she gazed at me and me back at her until I could resist her siren's call no more.
I am glad I finally chose the path of least resistance to Bowmore savoring bliss. Not necessarily the peatiest or saltiest example to start with, she nonetheless wore her sherry robes in glorious sophistication. Adding to her overall unique maritime charm is the active use of her own maltings, something which very few scotch distilleries do anymore.
In my virgin venture into sherry casked single-malts, I realized a horrendous deficiency in my tasting palate: sherry. Oloroso, Amontillado, Fino and beyond, these eyes, nose, lips, tongue, and body haven't yet explored this arena of sensory indulgence. Obviously an immediate resolution is in the works where sherry bottles of all varieties, origins, and stories will soon grace my liquor cabinet.
In the meantime though, I shall proffer my burgundian impressions of this fine single-malt. As my second review and much like my first and many more to come, she was chosen by my lovely.
Color: polished burgundy. deep rich woods steeped in time; like a gentleman's club of yore.

Nose: apples. sweet polished woods of luxurious high society designs. oil and polish, orange infused. black cherries juicy and divine. gentle pervasive essence of leaves changing color, a chill in the air, and winter creeping in. sticky. stewed spiced fruits; cherry, apples, plums, apricots.

Body: swirls with a long lingering oily layer. sticky then long and dry. clean.

Palate: sweet with silken stickiness up front and through the middle. dryness of sherry, wood, and spice take over the end and linger long. apple skins and spice mingle warmly with the wood. cherries and grapes sweetly stewed and spiced. brings to mind relaxing in front of a winter fireplace. fallen leaves of varied autumnal colors. maple melted apricots and apples.

Finish: long lingering dry and warm. a salty breeze settles in long after each quaff has passed. spices tickles amidst the dryness.

(an original written work by Kristyn Lier. plagiarism is not tolerated)

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  1. Trying to find this particular bottle is proving to be difficult.

    The "newer-style" Bowmore Darkest (15 year) is quite good, but not as peaty or (in my opinion) good as this older style bottle.

    I was fortunate to find one brought out of the "way back" storage of an old liquor store. I would love to get another. If you ever see this older-style bottling, grab it fast! It's a wonderful adventure, and well worth it.